HTC Could be Launching Two Smartwatches in September

Watch out, Samsung. HTC's rumored smartwatch could arrive in September, based on the latest leaks. In fact, the Taiwanese company might be working on two smartwatches—reportedly codenamed WWY and CWZ. The former may be a fitness tracker, while the latter is expected to be an Android Wear device.

If the rumors are true, HTC would be the fifth company that's expected to unveil a wearable that month. The news comes out of a relatively young Chinese Twitter account @upleaks that appears to be modeled after renowned tipster @evleaks

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According to @upleaks, the Android Wear-powered CWZ smartwatch is arriving in September, while the WWY fitness tracker could be a 1.8-inch smartwatch that's water and dust-resistant to IP57 standards. A later tweet from the same account says the HTC WWY could be like Samsung's Gear Fit—a wristband with a curved touch screen display that tracks movement and heart rate.

No other information or even images have been shared. While the new source's credibility has yet to be established, it does appear to have been endorsed by @evleaks in an Aug 9 tweet. The news is also believable, given HTC's own chairwoman Cher Wang previously confirmed to CNET that the company was working on a smartwatch. 

The past week has been full of smartwatch announcements. Samsung announced yesterday (Aug 28) its Gear S smartwatch, which will support 3G and work without being tied to a smartphone. ASUS also confirmed its ZenWatch in a teaser video on Aug 27, promising details at a Sept 3 event. That same day, LG revealed its G Watch R, running Google's Android Wear operating system on a round face. 

As if that wasn't enough, it also looks like Apple may be stepping into the ring. Rumors are rife that Apple will show off its smartwatch (reportedly called the iWatch or iTime) at its Sept. 9th event, along with a next-generation iPhone. It looks like we're going to have our hands (and wrists) full this September.

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