Best TVs 2016

We have evaluated scores of TVs using a variety of programming — from DVDs to HD, 4K to HDR — to find the best model for whatever delights you: be it for game day, movie night or a frag-fest. We have pushed every button, clicked through thousands of menus, and run hundreds of smart TV apps.

Looking for a big screen on a budget? Based on our extensive testing, your best bet is Vizio's 55-inch E-Series, which costs less than $600 but offers a good picture with a full-array LED backlight. If you want a sharper 4K picture and a more future-proof set, get the 50-inch Samsung Series 6, which costs under $800.

Those looking for a stunning cinema experience — and are willing to splurge for it — should invest in the $5,000 LG 65EF9500. This OLED TV offers the most gorgeous picture we've ever seen in a 65-inch 4K set. In between is a wide range of sizes, prices and features.

Read on for all of our recommendations. (For details on our evaluation methodology, see How We Test TVs.)

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