Best TVs 2015

Looking for a big screen on a budget? Get Vizio's 55-inch E-Series, which costs less than $600 but offers a good picture with a full-array LED backlight. Want a stunning cinema experience and you're willing to pay top dollar for it? Splurge for the LG 55EC9300, an OLED TV that offers the most gorgeous picture we've ever seen in a stunning curved design. There's now a 4K version as well.
In between is a wide range of sizes, prices and features. We fixed our gaze on roomfuls of TVs with all kinds of content — HD and 4K — to find the best model for whatever delights you: be it for game day, movie night or fragfest. We have pushed all the TVs' buttons, navigated their menus and run their smart TV apps. (For details on our evaluation methodology, see How We Test TVs.) Read on for our recommendations.

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