Report: Dell to Jump on Smartphone Bandwagon

Just what the doctor ordered. As Acer gears up to launch its very first smartphone, reports have emerged that Dell is be about to do the same thing.

The Wall Street Journal today reports that Dell is is preparing a move into the smartphone market as early as next month. According to the Journal, citing people familiar with the matter, Dell will introduce two new mobile phones in February at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona.

Addressing one of the bigger problems facing smartphone manufacturers, the company has opted to release a full touchscreen phone as well as a version that comes packed with a slide out keyboard. Not only that, according to PCWorld, one will run on Windows Mobile and one will run on Google’s Android. While it’s not clear which, no doubt there’ll be countless people who “wanted the touch version but not with (blank) OS.”

There’s no word on pricing, nor is there any word on which carrier will be touting Dell handsets. Still, it seems like there are just too many “us too” smartphones hitting the market, devices endeavoring to take on the iPhone or the BlackBerry.

So who’s in, a Dell smartphone? Can’t say I’m too pushed. This and the Acer announcement will be interesting but not popcorn-worthy. Stay tuned.

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  • hellwig
    Why are Acer and Dell making phones? They aren't hardware companies, they are hardware repackaging companies. The only things either company actually makes are the cases they put their computers in (and maybe keyboards and mice).

    What would make Dell or Acer think they know the first thing about phones? All they do is screw parts together and charge a nice premium for it. At least Apple writes the software it puts on its phones and computers.

    Competition is always good, but I'm always wary of unrelated company's getting into the mix (even when the iPhone was just a rumor). Anyone remember when Quaker Oats started making video games?
  • nekatreven
    hellwigAnyone remember when Quaker Oats started making video games?

    No actually...but then I think that only goes to reinforce your point.
  • hellwig
    To be honest, nekatreven, it was a little before my own time. When looking into old video consoles, and the video game crash of the early 80's I came across this little fact. A cereal company getting into the act was a big indication that the market was being oversturated.