Best Buy Offers Used iPhones

While the economy continues to plunge into a dismal abyss, Best Buy want to help out broke brothers and sisters by offering used iPhones at a lower price. Eat that Walmart.

According to a press release from Best Buy, the company will now offer refurbished versions of Apple's iPhone 3G, selling $50 less than their newer counterparts. These pre-owned phones are actually returned products from Best Buy customers thirty days after the original purchase. And while the price tag is somewhat cheaper ($149 for 8 GB / $249 for 16 GB), consumers with a gleaming apple in their eye will still need a two-year contract with AT&T.

“The refreshed iPhone is a great example of the depth of our offering, and clear evidence of why Best Buy is the best place to purchase a mobile phone,” said Scott Moore, vice president of marketing for Best Buy Mobile. “Where else can you get everything you need to make sure your phone can be utilized to its fullest.”  

Moore told Reuters that Best Buy's decision to sell refurbished iPhones had nothing to do with whatever other retail outlets were offering. It's probably no coincidence that Best Buy now offers discounted iPhones just over a week after Walmart began selling the 8 GB version for $197 and the 16 GB version for $297.

However, the move definitely appears to be a way to push returns back out the door as well as catering to a crumbling economy filled with consumers looking for cheaper prices. Best Buy even stated that consumers owning first-generation iPhones could upgrade to the refurbished versions as well. Customers are guaranteed that the phone is up and running before leaving the store, and have the option to purchase a two year Geek Squad Black Tie Protection service plan on top of Best Buy's included one year warranty.

Starting today, 350 Best Buy Mobile stores are selling the used iPhone 3G models, and will expend to all U.S. Best Buy stores that offer AT&T by the end of January. AT&T also provides refurbished iPhones. However, at the time of this writing, Apple has removed the used devices from its online store.

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