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This Xbox One Update Is Huge for Netflix Addicts

Microsoft's Xbox Ones are about to get a huge killer feature.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

In a blog post on Wednesday (July 11), Microsoft confirmed that the Xbox One X and Xbox One S would soon get Dolby Vision video streaming support. This could mean a serious upgrade for the shows and movies you stream on your console.

Dolby Vision is widely considered one of the best visual fidelity technologies around. Dolby Vision uses metadata to analyze each scene in a video and adjusts its brightness and color quality accordingly. In contrast, other HDR technologies use a single setting for the entire show or movie you're watching. The result is a better overall visual experience with Dolby Vision than you'd get with competing technologies like HDR or HDR10.

Dolby Vision is slowly but surely making its way to more devices. It's already supported on the Apple TV 4K and Google's Chromecast Ultra. Dolby Atmos, which aims at boosting sound quality in the videos you're watching, is also supported on those devices.

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By adding Dolby Vision to the Xbox One S and Xbox One X, Microsoft is going a long way in differentiating its console from its competitors.

Neither the PlayStation 4 nor the Nintendo Switch offer Dolby Vision support. Technically, then, Microsoft's console should be capable of offering the best possible visuals for streaming video.

For one, the Dolby Vision support is being tested with Microsoft's Xbox Insiders right now. It'll roll out to other Xbox owners in the future. Secondly, Microsoft was quick to note that you'll need to have a television that works with the latest version of Dolby Vision.

It also appears that Dolby Vision is supported in precious few apps for now. Microsoft has only cited Netflix in its blog post about Dolby Vision, but whether other apps will be added over time is unknown.

Regardless, if you're hoping for better visuals on the Xbox One X or Xbox One S for your favorite shows and movies, you're going to get them.

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