Windows Phone TV Ad is a Little Confusing

Contributing Writer

Windows Mobile, while it's been a staple of smartphones for much longer than Apple's been in the phone market, has taken a quick backseat to the iPhone.

Granted, Apple's iPhone is a wonderfully easy-to-use device that does surpass it's competition on many fronts, but the upcoming versions of Windows Mobile does a lot to bring Microsoft's compact OS back up-to-date.

The release of Windows Mobile 6.5 has given Microsoft a refreshed platform to work with, and its marketing department has to figure out how to best convey what's new and special.

The first step, it seems, is to call the Microsoft software-powered devices "Windows Phone," which is nice, but also confusing because it's a platform and not just a single product. Making it even more confusing is a new TV spot advertising Windows Mobile 6.5 devices for AT&T, which makes it appear as though a single Windows Phone exists.

Aside from that, the message of smartphone capabilities such as email, instant messenger, internet browser and even Twitter are conveyed quite clearly. Take a peek for yourself!

Windows Phone Microsoft 'Icons' TV Commercial