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Webcam Helped Rescue Man From Sea

Modern technology can help save lives, an example shown once again by the story of a tourist who was saved on a frozen sea in northern Germany.

A tourist had become lost on the ice after photographing the sunset off St Peter-Ording. "He got lost on the ice and could not find the coast again because it was covered in snow," police spokeswoman Kristin Stielow told reporters, according to the AFP.

Being left to his own devices, the man used a pocket flashlight to send signals of his presence on the vast frozen surface. Luckily, a woman located hundreds of kilometers away spotted the camera flashes as she too was watching the sunset remotely via the tourism board's webcam.

The woman alerted the police to what she saw, which led to the man's rescue.

"He escaped without injury but could well have died from cold or been injured on the ice or drowned when the tide came in," Stielow said.

Check out some of the webcam feeds here.