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2019’s Most Exciting Phone May Be Coming Jan. 24

Rumor wizard Ice Universe is excited about “The Waterdrop”, a new Vivo flagship phone that appears to have no seams whatsoever and, according to him, will amaze us and change our idea of what a phone should be.

Credit: Ice Universe/Vivo

(Image credit: Ice Universe/Vivo)

We will see if the hype is true on January 24, according to a recenrt Ice Universe tweet.

Vivo uploaded the announcement poster in this Weibo post, with the caption: “What is the future of mobile phones? Throw away the complexity”. According to Gizmochina, the poster itself says “Totally heaven”Like Samsung’s Galaxy S10 February 20 event in San Francisco, California, the presentation comes ahead of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. In fact, it will beat Samsung’s own presentation by almost a month.

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And if the hype is true, it may also steal the S10’s thunder. That is actually not a crazy possibility. “It is said that this is Vivo['s] mysterious smartphone code-named The Waterdrop,” the galactic cat said in a previous tweet “This phone will subvert people's past perception of smartphones." The phone teasers make it look like a liquid mercury, without the typical seams of others mobiles.

Credit: Ice Universe/Vivo

(Image credit: Ice Universe/Vivo)

Even if Ice Universe is overhyping this phone — something he has done with Samsung and Nubia’s phones in the past — Vivo is well known for breaking the mold and surprising everyone.

The company — owned by the same Chinese industrial group that owns Oppo — went viral when it released a phone that was all screen at last year’s MWC, with a pop-up selfie camera. The Vivo Nex was the first true all-screen phone in the market when industry leaders Samsung, Huawei, and Apple had nothing like that (and still they don’t).

It surprised everyone again with the two-screen Vivo Nex 2, although to a lesser extent, since Nubia had already released a phone with two displays some time earlier. The Waterdrop may be the next viral sensation. The teasers are certainly both intriguing and exciting.

Next week we will see how it really looks and why Ice Universe claims it will change our perception of what a phone could be.

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