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Use and Don't Lose Your Cell Phone Data

Outlook Synchronization In Detail

After starting the program, the Mobile Phone Manager asks for the name of the device to log onto.

After that, the main window of the Siemens program opens up. On the bottom you can see the battery and wireless reception status.

Of primary interesting to us is Smart Sync, because you can execute it separately from the main program. Configurable shortcuts are built in to manage photos and songs. "Organizer" offers access to tasks, calendar, dates etc. as well as the voice message memory. "Messages" conveniently helps to create short messages on your computer keyboard. "Backup/Restore" is an easy-to-handle tool to copy a complete backup set of data to your computer.

Among other things, in "settings" you configure what should be synchronized with the phone.

The "pooling" sync mode helps assure the integrity of entries on each device. You have to choose how each entity should be handled (names, notes etc.).