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T-Mobile Sale: Buy iPhone X, Get $700 Off Another iPhone

T-Mobile is no stranger to buy one, get one (BOGO) sales. In fact, the carrier usually launches a new BOGO sale for every major holiday.

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However, the company's latest BOGO sale, which starts today, merits a little extra attention because unlike previous BOGO sales — which have been limited to one brand or just a few phones — this new sales includes many of today's flagships, such as the Apple iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9, and the new LG G7 ThinQ, which we just reviewed a few days ago.

The sale has a few gotchas shoppers should be aware of. For instance, you can't mix and match brands, although you can mix and match models. Both phones must also be purchased on T-Mobile's Equipment Installation Plan and depending on the brand, you'll either receive a prepaid card rebate or monthly bill credits.

The amount of cash back you get also varies based on the brand. For example, for Apple you'll get $700 off your second phone, for Samsung you'll get $720 off, and for LG you'll get $850 off. Although that might sound limiting, it's actually better than T-Mobile's Mother's Day BOGO sale, which had a $700 cash back cap on all BOGO-eligible phones.

T-Mobile's BOGO sale doesn't have an expiration date and considering that this sale is the most generous we've seen from the carrier all year, you'll want to act quick as it's not likely to last long.

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