SteamVR Recreates a Virtual Desktop

As the countdown to HTC Vive's imminent arrival winds down, Valve is continuing to sweeten the deal on the room-tracking headset. The company announced two new SteamVR features: Steam Desktop Overlay and Steam Workshop for SteamVR backgrounds. The new additions will help Vive owners customize and enhance their VR experience, and be available to everyone who's opted in to the SteamVR Beta and the Steam Client Beta.

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Steam Desktop Overall displays your desktop in your VR Dashboard. Similar to the Phone Syncing feature, it's another attempt to make sure you never need to take off the headset. (Because at this point, who needs real life when you've got a virtual world to explore?) To access your desktop, just press the dedicated system button on the controller while running SteamVR. From there, you'll see the contents of the desktop on a large virtual screen that can be navigated with the Vive controllers.

In an attempt to make your new VR home truly yours, there's the SteamVR Workshop, which lets the more creative among us create custom 360-degree environments. The backgrounds will appear in SteamVR for your own private use or your can share them with the SteamVR community. To help determine the best environments, the community can rate submitted creations.  

Both new features are solid additions that will help Vive distinguish itself from other VR competitors in an increasingly crowded market.

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