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How to Set Up Netflix Parental Controls

Netflix has all kinds of television shows, movies, and documentaries. And it even has a handy Kids profile so you can quickly find child-friendly content for the kids. But Netflix also gives you the opportunity to create profiles for everyone in your family. And by default, they're set to access all of its content -- mature programming and all.

This guide will help you create settings for individual accounts so you can enjoy all of Netflix's content and rest assured that your children are only seeing age-appropriate programming.

1. Go to and log in. You'll see the login icon at the top-right of the Netflix homepage.

2. Click manage profiles. Doing so will keep you on the page, but place icons over the profiles, indicating you can edit their settings.

3. Choose the profile you want to manage and click on the icon over that profile to get into its settings.

4. Set the maturity level. The maturity level settings in the drop-down under "Allowed TV shows and movies." By default, each profile allows access to content in all maturity levels. However, you can also choose "For Little Kids only," "For Older Kids and below," or "For Teens and below."

5. Alternatively, click "Kids" for quick kids settings. To the right of your profile name, you'll see a checkbox and "Kid?" If you click on that box, the profile will only be able to see content appropriate for children 12 years old or younger. You can also choose the "For Little Kids only" option, as well.

6. Tap save when you're done.

7. The main account is different. You'll notice that if you're trying to edit your main profile, the "Kid?" option isn't available. You'll also notice that the main account is limited to "All Maturity Levels" and "For Teens and below." According to Netflix, the main profile is limited so you can always "preserve access to the Your Account page."

8. Click save. All of your settings will now be saved and your profile will be governed by your settings.

9. Click Done to complete the process for any account. Note that Netflix says the changes can take up to eight hours to take effect.


Sometimes, you might want to generally restrict content so your kids can't see certain programming, but have the option to quickly access mature content when they're not around. Rather than force you to change parental controls in profiles, Netflix has a handy PIN feature that lets you set a unique four-digit code for each profile.

Based on your maturity level settings, anyone without the PIN will only be able to see content that falls within the approved maturity levels. If you have a PIN, however, you can input that and circumvent the controls, so you can see anything you want.

1. Go to and log in. You'll see the login icon at the top-right of the Netflix homepage.

2. Choose the profile you want to manage. Just click the desired account this time around, not the Manage Profiles box.

3. Click the username and choose Your Account. When you make your way to your individual account, click on your name at the top-right. You'll see "Your Account" in the list.

4. Choose Parental controls. Now that you're in your account, look for the Parental Controls option.

5. Input your account password.

6. Click Create PIN. Doing so will give you the option to input a PIN and choose your maturity settings.

7. Input your PIN and choose your PIN Protection Level. You'll need four digits here. In order to choose your PIN Protection Level, click on the green ball that corresponds to the maturity level you want.

8. Click Save. Now that you're set, you can save those settings and still be able to access content, even if it's higher than your set maturity levels.

At any time, you can modify your settings by following the steps above and choosing different settings.