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Saygus V2: The Swiss Army Knife of Smartphones

LAS VEGAS - If you were to make a wishlist of everything you could possibly want from an Android phone, you might end up with something like the Saygus V2. Launching sometime in Q1 2015 for a still-unannounced price, this swiss-army-knife-like smartphone packs a 21-MP camera, up to 320GB of storage, a waterproof chassis and a host of other features you won't find on most Android handsets.

The Saygus V2's massive range of functions are packed into a compact and lightweight frame, which is coated in a comfy layer of Kevlar that's waterproof up to IPX7 standards. The handset's 5-inch 1080p display isn't exactly groundbreaking (today, many phones have WQHD resolution) but it stretches nearly edge-to-edge, and is designed to be easily viewable in sunlight.

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The V2's slim right edge hosts some of its most exciting features, including a dedicated camera shutter button, a biometric fingerprint scanner and a wireless transmitter that can beam content to your TV. The smartphone touts a whopping 21-MP rear camera and a 13-MP selfie-taker in the front, both of which feature optical image stabilization.

While the V2's 64GB of default storage is impressive enough, the phone's dual (yes, dual) microSD card slots let you upgrade to a colossal 320GB. The Android 4.4.4 handset is powered by a 2.5-GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU with 3GB of RAM, and packs a beefy 3,100-mAh battery that supports Qi wireless charging. On the audio front, the handset touts Harman Kardon speakers, and uses Cypher noise-cancelling technology to cut out background chatter during calls.

While the Saygus V2 seems more like the product of a smartphone geek's dream than something actually coming to market, the company is planning to launch the device by Q1 of this year. The phone's staggering feature set seems like it would run shoppers a hefty premium, but, while no price has been announced yet, a Saygus representative said the company is looking to be as competitive as possible with mainstream Android phones.

We certainly haven't seen a smartphone anything like the Saygus V2, and look forward to spending more time with it later this year.

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