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New Galaxy S8 Schematics Confirm Our Suspicions

Samsung's Galaxy S8 might just be the worst-kept secret in the smartphone industry.

The latest leak comes from CNET Korea, which has obtained what it says are official schematics for Samsung's upcoming flagship. And the images, which were published on Wednesday, show many of the features that have been rumored to be coming to the Galaxy S8, including an edge-to-edge display and a new home button.

This Galaxy S8 render shows the rumored back fingerprint sensor. Credit: Cnet Korea

(Image credit: This Galaxy S8 render shows the rumored back fingerprint sensor. Credit: Cnet Korea)

The schematics indicate that Samsung is planning 5.8- and 6.2-inch options in the Galaxy S8. However, unlike the Galaxy S7 line, which includes an "edge" version with a curved display, Samsung is reportedly nixing that naming convention. Instead, Samsung is planning to call both devices the Galaxy S8, and both will offer a curved display. The Galaxy S7, which sat alongside the Galaxy S7 Edge, did not have a curved screen.

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In addition, the schematics have confirmed a slew of rumors over the last few months that say Samsung is nixing the home button in its Galaxy S8. In its place, Samsung plans to bake the button into its screen, creating more room for the display to span the smartphone's face. But since the Galaxy S8 will need a fingerprint sensor, Samsung has moved it to the back of the device next to the camera sensor, according to the schematics.

Confirming other rumors, the schematics indicate that Samsung has an additional button on the side that would activate the company's artificial intelligence service Bixby, according to CNET Korea.

Beyond that, the schematics show some other, perhaps important, features, including a USB Type-C port for fast charging. There will also be a headphone jack -- a major departure from the iPhone 7.

Of course, it's impossible to verify the legitimacy of the schematics, and Samsung hasn't confirmed their accuracy. However, they follow nearly all the rumors that have surfaced over the last few months, suggesting they're likely to be close to the real thing.

For its part, Samsung has confirmed it's working on a Galaxy S8 but has said it won't unveil the device at Mobile World Congress next month. Instead, Samsung plans to showcase the device either in March or April and release it in April.