Diablo III for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Finally Arrives

On Tuesday Blizzard officially re-entered the console gaming market with the release of Diablo III for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This is the company's first console entry since the original Diablo game was launched on the first PlayStation console back in March 1998. This latest installment is now available throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Blizzard said fans can purchase physical copies of Diablo III at retailers for $59.99 USD. The PlayStation 3 version is also now available digitally through the PlayStation Network, whereas Xbox 360 gamers will have to wait until October 3 to download their digital copies via Xbox Live. Both have been fully localized in English, German, French, Latin American Spanish, European Spanish, Russian, Italian, Polish, and Brazilian Portuguese for "multilingual demonic warfare".

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"The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Diablo III have been custom-tailored for gamepad-driven action, with a dynamic camera perspective that puts your hero front and center, as well as an all-new user interface and an intuitive control system that make vanquishing evil feel like second nature on consoles," the company said on Tuesday.

Players can quest through the three Acts alone, or fight alongside other players in a party of up to four via same-screen local cooperative play, or online over the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live. Adventuring parties can even consist of both online and local players, the company said.

"In bringing Diablo III to consoles, our main focus has been on making sure we deliver a really fun experience for up to four friends online or on the same couch," said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. "The game looks and plays great on PS3™ and Xbox 360, especially with the new direct-control elements and new interface. We know players will have a blast battling Diablo on their big-screen TVs."

We took a spin with the PlayStation 3 version back at E3 2013 in June, and found the game surprisingly "at home" on the console given its click-based PC roots. As previously reported, the PS3 controller's left analog stick handles movement while the right stick adds a new evade feature. Push down and the character quickly steps back. Push left or right, and the character jumps left or right.

The skills are all mapped to the right side of the controller. The "X" button is Skill 1, the "Square" button is Skill 2, the "Triangle" is Skill 3, and the "Circle" button is Skill 4. The R1 button is Skill 5 and the R2 button is Skill 6. On the left side, the L1 button is for potions, and the L2 button is for targeting the enemy. Finally there's the D-pad: press up for fast equipping weapons, right for using a Town Portal, and down for pulling up the map.

Naturally some of this may have changed since June. Regardless, it will be interesting to see if Diablo III becomes the monster hit on the two current consoles as it has become on the PC and Mac since its original May 2012 release.

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  • tomfreak
    LOL, I guess Diablo 4 will be controller design....
  • jimmysmitty
    Three acts? D3 is 4 acts on PC so I would assume its still 4 acts on console.

    As for it being a monster hit, it sold a lot of copies but only has about 1-2 million playing at best and most are numbers from people who log in to just check out the AH not play.

    Its really dwindled and wont get better till the next major patch at the earliest.
  • opmopadop
    jimmysmitty : "Three acts? D3 is 4 acts on PC"

    You beat me to it, I was just thinking the same thing.

    But I really have to question why someone would release a new title when non-backward-compatable next gen consols are released in a few weeks. Wouldn't the programming time be better spent providing content for the unsaturated launch of said platforms? Corner the market of those kiddies buying every title for their new toy before boredom sets in?

    Then again, Diablo 3 is not exactly pushing hardware limits now, is it ;-)
  • opmopadop
    Ugh, my left one for the old (or working) comment system, now consols in months guys not weeks.
  • opmopadop
    *new. Screw this using a phone to post comments.
  • joaompp
    Honestly why can't I have controller support on my PC for D3 if it's on the consoles, come on blizzard, you're streamlining almost everything else.
  • GoldenI
  • nbelote
    The controls fit well. Sure, it's easier on the PC when everyone has their own screen but it's a hoot with 3 other people yelling at each other in the same room.
  • mman74
    Seriously, sometimes I wonder why we bother investing so much in gaming PCs. The few exclusives we had have gone on to the consoles. Of the consoles hits like GTA, we have to wait ages before they appear on PC. I actually have an 360 and PS3 and a gaming PC as well, but as I look to replace my desktop, I am seriously wondering why I need to invest in a decent graphics card when publishers treat PC gamers so badly.
  • s997863
    "Seriously, sometimes I wonder why we bother investing so much in gaming PCs"

    depends on your tase, mman74.

    if you love old games, then Dosbox & emulators etc. give you more freedom than vconsole, xbla or whatever online paid service they're pushing these days. I didn't buy D3 but still got in the mood to reinstall D2 and it ran natively on my W7 laptop & networked easily with my old win98 desktop for some Lan gaming too, on my 1 copy of the game thanks to Blizzard's generous no-cd patch.

    if you like choice of mouse/keyboard/gamepad/joystick/wheel/wired/wireless controllers.

    if you like messing around with settings/options/mods/editors

    if you're smarter & sometimes crave for something smarter. too many examples of famous-name games dumbed-down for gamepads & tvs. baldu'rs-gate diablo-clone on consoles?

    if you loath unskippable intros/titlescreens and know which .bik files to delete on PC

    if you loath online interruptions/updates/hellos/popups/DRMs/loading-times and crack the games you legally own

    expensive?? IMO there's been no significant cpu advancement since core2duo, nor any significant 3d-card advancement since radeon 5850 (or it's equivelant geforce), so you don't need the latest hardware. don't be hyped by rediculous 2048x1024 benchmarks. any game'll run smooth on a cheap radeon-7750 if you just realize that playing higher than 1024x768 really doesn't make much difference.