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Plants vs. Zombies 2 is Finally Available

Plants vs. Zombies, the insanely popular tower defense game that mixes gardening and the zombie apocalypse, burst onto the gaming scene as a desktop game in 2009. Four years is a long time to wait for a sequel but, back in May, publisher PopCap revealed that Plants vs. Zombies 2 was on the way. The company promised a July launch for Plants vs. Zombies 2, but July came and went with nary a sign of the new game. This week, PopCap finally gave the people what they have wanted for a long time.


The availability of PvZ2 was announced via the official App Store Facebook page. Unfortunately, there's no word on availability for other platforms. PopCap says it will be available on other platforms "later this year and beyond," but mentioned no specifics. We do know that Plants vs. Zombies 2 will have three new worlds (more on the way, says PopCap) and more than 60 levels at launch. There's new plants, new zombies, plant food to supercharge your plants, power-ups that let you pinch/flick/zap zombies, side missions, mini-games, brain-teasers, and new Challenge Zones at the end of each world.

The app itself is free, but a quick glance at the App Store reviews reveals the premium plants are sold as in-app purchases and range from $2.99 to $3.99. According to Mashable, you don't need to buy anything to access all of the existing stages, but PopCap might have more success with its IAPs if it lowers the prices just a little.

  • icepick314
    PopCap or EA?

    DLC for plants?

  • spookyman
    Another app for jail breaking and hacking..
  • frillybob101
    It WAS released in July just in Austriala
  • WithoutWeakness
    @icepick314: PopCap is owned by EA as of July 2011. I would bet that EA is the reason they have microtransactions for plants and why they are releasing for iOS first (the original PvZ was for PC first then was ported elsewhere after it became popular).
  • jimmysmitty
    I don't get why they do things like this. Why release on just iOS first then later to other platforms? Why can't they do like some other upcoming games such as Batman AO and release on all platforms at once?

    This is a tad annoying as anyone without a iDevice has to wait till they feel like releasing it on their platform of choice. Plus the IAPs are stupid. Make the game a certain cost then give IAPs that are cosmetic only.
  • dark_knight33
    It's all about greed folks. This is what EA does to studios. It's why they are the most hated company in America. Worse is the sell-out developers that sell the soul of their company to EA for a paycheck, only to watch beloved franchises go down the tubes afterwards. F*** popcap and F*** EA. They won't get a dime from me.
  • prince_david
    A few whales will buy stuff. I won't spend money on anything like this but i would have gladly paid up to 10$ for a full game of PVZ2 on mobile.
  • Elevory
    PvZ 2 is "finally" available on the phone I don't have. Hooray!
  • hoofhearted
    PVZ 1 was fun. I won't be doing 2 with this DLC and microtrans crap.
  • anti-painkilla
    Well I was excited. Then I hit the comment section.

    Dammit, EA kills everything. I bet they kill dolphins between releases for consistency.