Best Free Apps for iPhone

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John Corpuz flip-flopped between computer science and creative writing courses in school. As a contributor to Tom's Guide he's found a happy middle ground writing about apps, mobile gaming and other geekery.

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  • Agreed, I like that I can get coins through the App Tap rewards... I do however hate that they took away buying potions with the in game coins, it's like I earned all this $$$ killing things and I can't but potions with it now? A person shouldn't have to Pay real money for potions when other games almost annoy you with them dropping all the time.
  • "Mint" should be on the list! it is by far the best Finance app out there!
  • andyman30
    morfo isnt free....
  • jaquith
    IMDB - If you love movies and want to know more about them then I highly recommend Internet Movie DataBase
    AP Mobile - One of the best News apps out there.
    Pandora - Free streaming music.

    Free apps - you may already have a subscription examples:
    Netflix, HBO GO, MAX GO, Showtime, - IF you have the subscriptions.

    Frankly, there's a boatload of apps that are great.
  • schnitter
    I can't be bothered clicking NEXT NEXT NEXT 40 times. Make it 5 per page at least.
  • alexthager
    dcompart"Mint" should be on the list! it is by far the best Finance app out there!

    It is.
  • unknown9122
    I dont recommend Moves. It is a great app but kills battery life.
  • richard_2
    I recommend the following:

    1. TimeCalcTimer
    2. Facebook
    3. Twitter
  • rebby631
    duolingo and google maps are stellar.
  • sporkster
    Pout and Creative Studio both get votes from me. Great apps for creativity.
  • matasicarios35
    dont like them
  • 4really
    google wallet us my fav. to send money to friends and family fast
  • joelstern1
    is this as good as APPLE? PLEASEcompare.
  • sidrarafiq788
    bear is over rated app. Used it and deleted it. I find google keep way better than bear app
  • whisperingconch85
    From the above list, my favorite app is Lastpass and Any do app. Through this, I can manage my time and data. Add Beyond Pink mobile app also. which is one of the best-rated apps in both play store and IOS app.
  • thomaserty
    This is a must read article for the iPhone users. Not only the iPhone users but for the iOS users. I have heard about the apps from Apple Customer Support and now came across this. Hope these free apps will solve the purpose and help us.
  • robertebrown
    I despite these notes that can't be printed without scrolling and printing for each page.
    The least you could do would be to provide a way to print (or save to .pdf) the entire
  • g.dunn1212
    What about android best free app ?
    Thanks Garry
  • outdoordisplay123
    Save some cash with our favorite apps. Smartphones aren't cheap these days, and that's especially true of Apple's devices. ...
    Noted. ...
    Scanbot. ...
    Otter Voice Notes. ...
    Transit. ...
    WhatTheFont. ...
    Google Trips. ...