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LED Pencil Ruler Measures Distances, Curves

Designed to look like a regular hexagon shaped wooden pencil, this innovative concept is actually a measuring device that is capable of tracing any unusual curves and shapes while getting a digital reading of the measurements. Although it may be hard for someone to stay precise with their movements, this concept definitely has its advantages over your typical straight edged ruler.

The measuring pen is used like a simple pencil as the user traces whatever is to be measured. Afterwards, a digital LED reading is displayed near the top of the pencil. One of the useful features of this measuring concept is its ability to instantly switch between measurements of cm, mm, inches, 1/300m and 1/500m.

Although the uses of this pencil may be limited to the users steady hands, the LED ruler pencil concept would be an interesting way for architects and engineers to produce and measure shapes and forms that would be impossible with a traditional ruler.