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OnePlus 5 Design Will Trump Galaxy S8's, CEO Boasts

OnePlus co-founder and CEO Pete Lau has fired a shot over Samsung's bow in what the company hopes will be one of the biggest smartphone fights of the year.

The Galaxy S8 is sleek, but the OnePlus 5 should be thinner. Credit: Sam Rutherford/Tom's Guide

(Image credit: The Galaxy S8 is sleek, but the OnePlus 5 should be thinner. Credit: Sam Rutherford/Tom's Guide)

Lau took to Weibo on Wednesday (May 31) to say that the OnePlus 5 will deliver the "thinnest flagship" of any high-end handset on the market. While Lau didn't mention the iPhone 7 or Galaxy S8 by name, it was clear that he wants to tout the OnePlus 5's design ahead of its impending release.

According to Android Headlines, which earlier reported on Lau's comments, he said that the OnePlus 5's thinness is an important feat, since the company was able to design it without sacrificing battery life or power. Lau didn't say how thin the OnePlus 5 might be, but confirmed it'll be thinner than the OnePlus 3T, which is 7.35mm thick. Samsung's Galaxy S8 is 8mm thick. The iPhone 7 has a 7.1mm thickness.

Lau's comments follow a slew of subtle hints the company has been dropping of late about the OnePlus 5. Over the last several weeks, OnePlus and its partners, like Qualcomm, have shed light on features, including a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei posted a photo to Instagram that suggested the device might have a dual-lens rear-facing camera, and confirmed that OnePlus will keep the headphone jack, bucking a trend popularized by Apple.

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Still, there's quite a bit OnePlus isn't talking about, leaving the rumor mill to pick up the slack. For instance, there are reports that the OnePlus 5 will come with a 5.5-inch display, though there is some debate over whether it will offer a full-HD or quad-HD resolution. The device is also expected to deliver a flat screen, rather than the curved display you would find on the Galaxy S8.

OnePlus has confirmed that the flagship handset will launch this summer, though it hasn't said exactly when. Recent reports say OnePlus will unveil the device on June 15 and release it around that time.

Where there isn't a consensus, however, is in how much the OnePlus 5 will cost. Some reports had said that the handset would be priced around $450 to $500, but newer reports said it could cost around $700.

OnePlus has remained silent on key details like price and likely won't release that information until it unveils the handset later this month.

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