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Dueling Note 8 Rumors Focus on the Phone's Release Date

The Galaxy Note 8, the big-screen follow-up to Samsung's big-in-their-own right Galaxy S8 and S8+, is coming later this year. But no one can seem to agree on when.

An earlier leak purportedly shows the Galaxy Note 8 on the left. (Credit: @Reviewer)

(Image credit: An earlier leak purportedly shows the Galaxy Note 8 on the left. (Credit: @Reviewer))

In the Sooner Rather Than Later Camp is The Bell, a South Korean news site, which is reporting a mid-August launch for the Note 8. As noted by Android Authority, which spotted the report, that's around the same time frame when Samsung launched last year's ill-fated Galaxy Note 7.

Not everyone is penciling in that mid-August date, though. SamMobile thinks that the IFA conference in Berlin is a more likely venue since it's been the launching ground for other versions of the Note. What's more, if Samsung doesn't unveil its new phone there, it will have few other options to headline any launch events at IFA. (At the 2016 version of the trade show, Samsung took the wraps off the Gear S3 smartwatch.)

This year, IFA kicks off on Sept. 1, which would still give Samsung enough lead time to pre-empt whatever September launch Apple is planning for its iPhone 8.

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An early release date for the Note 8 would square with earlier rumors about the phone, which noted that it's being tested with Android Nougat rather than Android O. Shipping the Note 8 with Nougat installed means that Samsung wouldn't have to wait until Google released the new version of its updated operating system.

Rumors about the Galaxy Note 8 suggest the new phone will adopt the Infinity Display introduced in the Galaxy S8, in which the OLED screen stretches from one edge of the phone to the other. The phone is also expected to feature two cameras on its back, similar to what the iPhone 7 Plus already offers. And a newly leaked photo seems to endorse that rumored feature.

Credit: SlashLeaks

(Image credit: SlashLeaks)

As featured on SlashLeaks, the photo comes from a Chinese website and shows two cameras stacked on top of one another on the back of a phone. There doesn't appear to be a fingerprint sensor on the rear of the device, stoking some hopes that Samsung has figure out a way to insert the sensor underneath the front display. However, with a Samsung official reportedly saying that security concerns and technical issues kept the sensor from appearing on the front of the Galaxy S8, it may be wishful thinking to believe that Samsung has ironed out those problems in time for the Note 8 — early release date or no.

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