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Nokia Made a Smart Skirt Out of 80 Smartphones

Whether it's fashion forward or faux pas is for you to decide. Regardless, Nokia teamed up with design duo Fyodor Golan to create the world's first interactive skirt for London Fashion Week. The kicker? This skirt is made up of 80 Nokia Lumia smartphones and displays that each display an image to simulate a texture or fabric, and the skirt changes color as the wearer moves.

Using a purpose-built app that uses GPS to track the wearer's movement, the phones either display a static image or use a live feed to create a realistic shimmer effect. The thigh-length skirt features layers of the Nokia handset laid on top of each other in a zigzag pattern, and it's not clear how smooth the shimmer or simulation will be given all the overlaps.

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The skirt also connects wirelessly to a hidden camera in the wearers hat. And thus the skirt can project what the model is seeing in real time, which is also a neat trick. We're just not sure how practical this outfit would be in real life. Don't even think about sitting down. 

The Nokia Lumia 1520, which weighs 7.26 ounces, is a beautiful device, but this skirt certainly is an acquired taste. With all 80 put together, you'd be wearing a 36.3 pound skirt. As the wearable tech market continues to grow, maybe a real smart skirt isn't too far in the future, but for now, Nokia's fashion-forward smart skirt appears to be nothing more than a publicity stunt. 

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Cherlynn Low

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