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LG Just Revealed the V40 ThinQ — Five Cameras and All

There are companies like Apple that won't reveal a thing about their plans until they're ready. And then there are companies like LG.

Credit: LG

(Image credit: LG)

The Korean tech giant is planning to unveil its new flagship smartphone, the V40 ThinQ, at a press event next week. But in a somewhat strange move on Wednesday (Sept. 26), LG published a teaser video and photos of the handset to whet the appetite of those who are looking for a new LG smartphone.

The photos revealed a red V40 ThinQ handset, which will come in three colors: Platinum Gray, Carmine Red (the one you'd find in the pictures), and Moroccan Blue. LG said that the smartphone will come with a 6.4-inch screen to match the display in the LG V30 and the photos reveal a physical fingerprint sensor on the back.

Of course, the most important feature is the V40 ThinQ's triple-camera array, which had been rumored and is now confirmed by LG. The phone maker didn't offer up any specs for the camera yet, so we'll need to wait on those, but it's believed that the lenses will work together to create dynamic photos with depth control, long-range shots, and more. The cameras will be horizontally aligned on the back.

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Earlier leaks had suggested that the V40 ThinQ will launch with a total of five cameras — three on the back and two on the front. And although LG's teasers don't show the front of the phone, the video strongly hints at five camera lenses and at the end, actually shows five camera lenses in a graphic.

LG is planning to unveil the V40 ThinQ at a press event in New York on Oct. 3. Check back then for our coverage of the big day.