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LG V40 to Pack Five Cameras, Cuz Why Not?

And you thought three cameras on a phone was enough. LG is hard at work at squeezing even more shooters into its upcoming V40 flagship.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

The successor to the V30, according to Android Police, will support a whopping five cameras.

While it's unclear exactly how LG might employ the cameras, the Android Police source says that the V40 will have two snappers on the front that should allow for 3D face-scanning, similar to the Face ID baked into Apple's iPhone X. On the rear, LG is said to be planning a triple-lens camera array not unlike the Huawei P20 Pro's. One of the lenses will feature a standard wide lens and the other will come with an ultrawide lens, according to the report.

It's unknown what the third rear camera will be used for.

But the details on LG's V40 didn't stop there. The source also told Android Police that LG is opting for a display that features a notch. However, like the LG G7 that the company launched this year, you'll be able to hide the notch by turning on a black notification bar at the top. Aside from that, look for a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and support for LG's Quad DAC. The company might also be planning a dedicated Google Assistant button to activate the virtual helper.

LG's V40 will have a physical fingerprint sensor on the back, according to the report.

LG has been eyeing ways to improve its standing in the high-end smartphone market for years. But at least so far, its top competitors, including Apple and Samsung, have proven to be far more capable of attracting shoppers and keeping them. Still, LG continues to try.

According to Android Police, LG will launch its V40 sometime this year. The site's source didn't say exactly when it would hit store shelves and how much it would cost.

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