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LG's Touchscreen Fridge Works With Alexa, Of Course

LG's newest flagship Instaview refrigerator isn't the first fridge with a touchscreen, nor is it the first with a camera that lets you look inside. However, the Instaview has not one, but two interfaces, and it's the first refrigerator with Alexa integration.

Why You Should Care

With the Instaview, you have multiple ways of seeing what's inside the fridge without ever opening the door. And with Alexa integration, you can now order groceries faster than you can say "Honey, are we out of milk?"

Quick Specs

The French-door Instaview has a 29-inch touchscreen on the right panel, which runs not just Windows 10, but webOS, which has been a mainstay of LG's smart TVs (like the sleek new W7 OLED) for a few years. Even cooler though, is that a simple tap on the display instantly makes it transparent so you can look inside the fridge without ever opening the door.

Other features of this refrigerator include cameras inside the door that take a photo of the contents and send the image to your smartphone. So if you're at the store, you can see if you forgot anything. You can also"tag" food in the fridge and assign it an expiration date.

Pricing and Availability

LG has yet to announce the price of its Smart Instaview refrigerator or when it will go on sale. But the company's current Instaview, which has the transparent window but no smart interface, costs $8,500.


Like the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator that captured our attention at last year's CES, LG's Instaview refrigerator stands out for its possibility more than its practicality; not a lot of people can afford to drop more than $8,000 on a fridge. However, the fridge's integration with Alexa, as well as its two interfaces, speaks to a future where all of our appliances will be connected, for better or worse.