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Phone Books Going Extinct, Finally

Remember the days when you fondly flipped through the white pages to look up your friend’s details?  Ok, now think back how long it has been since the last time you did that instead of over the internet.  Yeah I can’t remember either.

Considering the fact that the first phone book dates all the way back to 1878, it really did live a good long life.  Alas, its number is slowly coming up across the US as the latest states New York, Florida and Pennsylvania have all just this month approved Verizon Communication’s request to end the distribution of the White Pages.

Within Verizon’s coverage area alone, this would save roughly 17,000 tons of paper annually.  Verizon still plans to continue printing and distributing the Yellow Pages along with consumer guide information normally found in the White Pages.  If you really still want to receive the White Pages, they will deliver upon request.

Do you still get huge phonebooks delivered to your place?

[ Source: Breitbart , Image courtesy:]