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Big iPhone 11 Leak: A13 Chip, Three Cameras and a Clever New Trick

Apple has three new iPhones on the way for 2019, and a new report has spilled several top features of the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR sequel, including one that is about to enter production.

But the real surprise is what you'll be able to do with the rumored third camera.

The 2019 iPhones should be getting a third camera with an ultra-wide lens. Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: The 2019 iPhones should be getting a third camera with an ultra-wide lens. Credit: Tom's Guide)

According to Bloomberg, Apple's A13 processor may go into mass production by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing this month. The A12 Bionic chip, which powers the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, has been the fastest processor inside a phone based on our benchmarks. However, the Galaxy S10 has nearly closed the gap with the Snapdragon 855 processor.

Apple should be able to create more distance between the iPhone 11 and the rest of the Android field with the new A13 chip, but it's not clear from the report what sort of capabilities it will have.

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Bloomberg also says that the successor to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS max will both get a third new camera that will allow it to take ultra-wide angle photos. This would be similar to the Galaxy S10 and Huawei P30 Pro. The iPhone XR will reportedly feature a second camera that will give it a telephoto zoom.

Interestingly, the third camera will reportedly offer a broader range of zoom, and Apple is apparently working on a feature that will put people back in the frame who have been cut out by accident. So, it's possible the ultra-wide camera will fire away regardless, even when you decide to use a different lens. Presumably, the software would take care of the rest.

In terms of design, the Bloomberg report says that the iPhone XS and iPhone XS will both be about a "half a milimeter thicker." In addition, as has been rumored, the additional camera will be located along with the two other lenses in a square on the back of the phone. It's not clear how much of a bump this might cause.

Last but not least, the report says the iPhone 11 will offer a form of reverse wireless charging, following the lead of Samsung and Huawei. This will allow the back of the phone to charge the AirPods or other Qi-compatible phones.

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