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Apple's iPad Getting Erotic E-books?

Forbes reports that Apple is taking a "highly organized" approach in regards to selling virtual books on the iPad. The company has created around twenty different, "top-level" categories spanning "Romance," "Comics," "Reference," "Cookbooks" and more. If there's one thing Apple trumps over Google in regards to online markets, it is organization and categorizing down to the last letter. Apparently iBooks will be no different.

The "leak" comes from San Francisco-based Busted Loop. The company uncovered the information as part of a project that aims to help consumers find the best apps and e-books for all three mobile Apple devices. Busted Loop not only uncovered Apple's upcoming library, but other "sensitive information" as well.

Forbes said that within the twenty "top level" iBook categories, there are a whopping 150 subcategories including "Fantasy," "Science Fiction," "Manga," and more. There are also sub-sub categories such as "Historical" and "Paranormal." The report said that "Erotica" was spotted as well, listed under "Romance" and "Fiction & Literature."

Unfortunately, the "Erotica" section may disappear. Apple experimented with the "Explicit" category back in February, however the company quickly changed it to "Test" when it attracted too much attention.

Check out the Forbes article for more iPad inside information!