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Android Takes ''Network Hog'' Crown From iOS

Reuters reports that a recent industry study revealed that Android-based phones are creating more data traffic than other smartphones on the market--even Apple's iPhone.

Conducted by telecom network technology firm Arieso, the study indicates that the surge in traffic stems from better cameras, better video recorders, and software capable of editing the footage. Android is referenced because the OS is free for cellphone vendors, thus Google's platform resides in a multitude of guilty devices.

On a global scale, actual Android usage ranked second in the last quarter, trailing behind Nokia's Symbian OS and beating RIM's BlackBerry and Apple's iOS. Analysts expect Android to dominate the market next year, and will likely be propelled by Google's latest build, Android "Gingerbread" v2.3.

Overall, wireless operators are seemingly shaking in their boots as more consumers turn to smartphones to browse the Internet, tweet with their peeps, and stream movies and TV right into their hands. Reuters claims that wireless carriers are in fact fearful of losing customers, refraining from openly admitting the mounting issues resulting from increasingly congested network traffic and the inability to keep up with consumer demand.

Lance Hiley, VP of market strategy at telecoms network technology provider Cambridge Broadband Networks told Reuters than most wireless carriers are suffering because smartphone popularity came too quickly. In essence, they weren't prepared, and data network usage has nearly doubling each year since the introduction of Apple's iPhone back in 2007.

As for Android taking the crown as "biggest network hog" across the board, Apple may soon regain its throne as it moves to other US-based carriers once AT&T's exclusivity runs dry. Between Google's Android and Apple's iOS, wireless networks as we know it may simply implode, and then everyone will revert back to their PC or Mac to catch the latest tweet or YouTube clip.

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