How to Pre-order the Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e

Samsung's new flagships are slated to hit stores on March 8 with prices starting at $749.99. 

Performance-wise, the phones appear to be everything we hoped for. Already, the Galaxy S10+ has won our Editor's Choice award for offering unrivaled speeds, dynamic-looking photos, and a chart-topping 12:35 battery life. 

Early adopters will be glad to know that pre-orders are currently available for all three phones. (If you're shopping for bargains, you can find the best S10 deals here).  Pre-order prices are as follows:  

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CarrierGalaxy S10eGalaxy S10Galaxy S10+
Samsung$749.99 ($31.25/mo. for 2yrs)$899.99 ($37.50/mo. for 2yrs)$999.99 ($41.67/mo. for 2yrs)
Sprint$31.25/mo. for 2yrs$37.50/mo. for 2yrs$41.67/mo. for 2yrs
Verizon$31.24/mo. for 2yrs$37.49/mo. for 2yrs$41.66/mo. for 2yrs
AT&T$25/mo. for 30 months$30/mo. for 30 months$33.34/mo. over 30 months
T-Mobile$20.84/mo. for 3yrs$22.23/mo. for 3yrs w/ $99.99 down payment$22.23/mo. for 3yrs w/ $199.99 down payment

While all of Samsung's new phones are powered by the same Snapdragon 855 processor, they each pack a different size screen with either a Full HD (S10e) or quad HD display (S10/S10+). Although Samsung was initially bundling free buds with all pre-orders, the manufacturer has run out of buds and is instead offering a $130 eGift card.

Otherwise, here's how you can be first in line to get Samsung's new kit.


AT&T will offer the entire Galaxy family on its network. Even better, buy an S10 (128GB), S10+ (128GB), or S10e and you'll get a second one free. Alternatively, you can get a $750 credit toward the purchase of a Galaxy S10/S10+ with 512GB or 1TB of storage. This promo requires that you open a new line of service. Galaxy pricing on AT&T's network is the second-cheapest starting at $25/month (over 30 months) for the S10e. 


Big Red is offering the new Galaxy phones starting at $31.24/month (over 2 years) for the Galaxy S10e. The S10 and S10+ will start at $37.49/month and $41.66/month, respectively. Add a new line of service with any new Galaxy purchase and you'll get a free Galaxy S10e. It's also worth noting that Verizon will be the first network to offer the Galaxy S10 5G smartphone. The phone is expected to launch in Q2 of 2019.   


Sign up for Sprint's Flex lease program, and you can get the Galaxy S10e starting at $25/month (over 18 months). At the end of the 18 month period, you can opt to purchase your phone in full or return it and upgrade to a new model. 


As expected, T-Mobile has the lowest prices if you're looking for a new Galaxy smartphone. At the Magenta network, you can get the Galaxy S10e starting at just $20.84/month (over 3 years). It's worth noting that the S10 and S10+ require a $99 and $199 down payment on T-Mobile's network.  

Sam's Club

Good news if you're a Sam's Club member. The wholesale retailer is offering a variety of freebies and gift cards with the purchase of your new Galaxy. The offers break down like this: 

Galaxy S10e/S10/S10+

Xfinity Mobile

Comcast is offering its members all of Samsung's new phones, including the Galaxy S10 5G (which will be available sometime this summer). Even better, if you purchase a new Galaxy phone and port over your number from a competing carrier, Xfinity Mobile will give you a $250 prepaid Visa card. 

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