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Galaxy S8 Owners Having Wi-Fi, Wireless Charging Issues

The Galaxy S8 is finally out, and it's fantastic. But not everyone who scored Samsung's new flagship is having a great time.

Credit: Jeremy Lips/Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Jeremy Lips/Tom's Guide)

According to multiple user reports, Galaxy S8 owners are now reporting issues with Wi-Fi connectivity as well as wireless charging. These complaints come just days after some Galaxy S8 devices started showing a strange red tint on the display.

Samsung told The Wall Street Journal that it will issue two patches for its new smartphone this week: one to fix an issue where users are having spotty Wi-Fi connections, and another to fix the red tint issue. According to WSJ, Samsung says that these problems are not product defects and can be resolved via software.

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However, there's one issue that Samsung has yet to announce an official fix for. In this Samsung support thread, various users noted that their S8 won't charge wirelessly with older wireless charging pads.

A Samsung representative replied to the complaint with "There might be an update to fix that, or it might need one of the new wireless chargers in order to work." Not exactly encouraging.

These issues don't seem like a dealbreaker (especially since many of them are getting patched), but they're worth knowing about for anyone who has their eyes on a new Galaxy S8. On the bright side, at least Samsung's new phone isn't blowing up.