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Galaxy S8 Could Cost Nearly $1,000

The Galaxy S8 had better wow if it's going to be this pricey.

According to a new report, Samsung could charge close to $1,000 for the top configuration of it's new flagship, which would easily make it one of the most expensive mainstream smartphones ever.

Credit: @Kingwaylee

(Image credit: @Kingwaylee)

According to GSM Arena, citing a leaker, the Galaxy S8 could cost as much as $943 in Asian markets with 128GB of internal storage, while the 64GB version could run $885. Those numbers would dwarf today's Galaxy S7 Edge, which cost anywhere from $750 to $792 at launch for the 32GB version.

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Moving up to 64GB of storage standard would certainly be a welcome improvement, but it's not clear how much consumers would be willing to pay for the extra room. To be fair, the 256GB version of the iPhone 7 Plus costs $969, and the 128GB model costs $869.

The same insider that leaked the info on the storage and pricing also says that the Galaxy S8 will likely come with 6GB of RAM instead of 4GB of RAM, which should provide snappy performance when paired with Qualcomm's new Snaprdragon 835 chip. This matches up with other Galaxy S8 rumors we've been hearing recently.

The premium S8 apparently won't just have beefier specs. Samsung is also looking to beef up the best camera phone in the S7 and S7 Edge by offering a Dual ADC feature, which "should in theory enable color depth," says GSM Arena.

Other Galaxy S8 rumors point to an edge-to-edge display up front with a home button integrated into the screen, a fingerprint sensor in the back and a new assistant to go up against Siri called Bixby.

But the coolest feature could be a new desktop dock called DeX that will let you use the Galaxy S8 as a full Android PC, complete with mouse and keyboard support.

Of course, the U.S. pricing for the S8 could be lower, and it's not a guarantee Samsung will even offer the 128GB version. But if you're excited about the S8 you might want to start saving up.

  • bukankamu
    i want buy it
  • Ryan Duncan
    I thought we Note 7 buyers were supposed to get a price break from Sammy on this next phone. Did I miss something?