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With Galaxy S8 Premium Care, Samsung Comes to You

Samsung has launched its high-end warranty program for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.

The company this week announced that Samsung Premium Care is now available for those looking to buy the two new flagship devices. The service will allow you to get access to support technicians, who will come to your house to setup your handset, fix problems, and address other flaws. You can even get handset replacements within a few hours and Premium Care covers you in the event of accidental damage to your device.

Credit: Samsung

(Image credit: Samsung)

In order to offer the in-home support, Samsung has teamed with both HelloTech and Dish. According to the company, those partners will be ready to come out to your house to perform all of the setup and repair needs you might have. Samsung doesn't have employees of its own that will come out to you.

Samsung Premium Care is the company's answer to Apple's AppleCare+. And in some ways, it's far more convenient.

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With AppleCare+, you might get coverage on your damaged or broken iPhone, but you'll need to go to a local Apple Store (if there's one near you, that is) and get your handset fixed. And as those who live around busy Apple Stores know, getting an appointment with the Genius Bar at a convenient time isn't always easy.

Samsung's service, on the other hand, has experts that come to you, delivering a level of convenience that Apple's does not. However, for all that convenience, you should expect to pay a hefty price. 

If you pre-ordered the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ or you plan to pre-order one of those devices by April 17, you'll get Samsung Premium Care for free for one month. After that, a subscription to the program will set you back $11.99 per month. Additionally, the service is just an enhancement to the smartphone's one-year warranty and doesn't extend it out to another year, so you won't get the same level of protection with the base warranty.

Samsung will cover your handset in the event of damage, and you're allowed three replacement devices per year under the program. However, each time you get a new device, you'll be charged a $99 deductible.

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