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Get Up Close with the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

Another day, another Samsung Galaxy S8 photo leak. But this one is awfully attractive.

This time around, a Slashleaks user has published a few pictures of what he says is the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. And unlike some of the other recent releases that show matte finishes, this one comes with a glossy black finish similar to Apple's Jet Black iPhone 7.

The Galaxy S8 Plus will likely be 6.2 inches, compared to 5.8 inches for the Galaxy S8. Credit: Slash Leaks

(Image credit: The Galaxy S8 Plus will likely be 6.2 inches, compared to 5.8 inches for the Galaxy S8. Credit: Slash Leaks)

The latest photos, which were published on Tuesday morning by Slashleaks user Dimitri12, showcase the Galaxy S8 devices in all their glory. Like the other recent leaks, the smartphones in the photos come with small bezels above and below the screen and the handsets have a fourth physical button on the right side, which will ostensibly be used to activate the Galaxy S8's virtual personal assistant Bixby.

Beyond that, the image shows both Galaxy S8 models with curved screens, and it appears the Galaxy S8 Plus has an always-on lock screen. (It's possible that both phones have the feature, though.) Above the screen is a small earpiece and front-facing camera. There also appear to be some sensors up there, which could be used for iris recognition.

Of course, Samsung hasn't said exactly what its plans are for the future of its Galaxy S8. Instead, the company has only said that it plans to announce the new handset at a press event in New York City on March 29.

Samsung's silence has stood in stark contrast to the rampant rumors and leaks that have surrounded the company's Galaxy S8. In recent weeks, both photos and videos purporting to show the device have leaked, an there is increasing likelihood that the handsets we're seeing of late are the real deal.

According to Dimitri12, he obtained the devices in the photo after it was given to him by a company that makes screen protectors for smartphones. The photos show screen protectors on the devices in question.

While it's impossible to say whether the smartphones in the latest leak are real, they're identical to the handsets pictured in other recent leaks. Judging by the sheer number of photos that have now surfaced with the same exact device design in them, it seems likely that we're looking at the real thing.

We'll ultimately find out what Samsung has planned at its event later this month. And as always, Tom's Guide will be on hand to cover every detail.

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