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First Video of Working Galaxy S8 Leaked

Samsung's teaser video for the Galaxy S8's launch event on March 29 was a letdown, but this video could be the first true look at the real deal.

The folks over at MobileFun, a site that sells accessories for mobile devices, have sent over a YouTube video purporting to show the Galaxy S8 in action. The video shows a device that appears to be the Galaxy S8 as the user types on the screen. The one-minute video only dedicates 15 seconds to the handset, but it looks authentic.

While the person in the video doesn't hold up the Galaxy S8 or show different features, what the clip does show is telling. For one, the device in the video appears to have a curved screen and ditches the home button on the front -- which lines up with other Galaxy S8 rumors. The screen also appears to be quite large; the Galaxy S8 Plus is said to sport a huge 6.2-inch panel.

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Arguably the most convincing feature, however, is the bezel above and below the screen. While it's difficult to see how big they are in the video, they appear to match all the other recent leaks and the invite Samsung sent out to journalists on Sunday for an event on March 29 that showed a top and bottom bezel in the illustration.

A Galaxy S8 concept. Credit: iPhone-Crash/YouTube

(Image credit: A Galaxy S8 concept. Credit: iPhone-Crash/YouTube)

Whatever the case, it seems clear that Samsung's Galaxy S8 is well on its way. In addition to the big screen and virtual home button, the Galaxy S8 is expected to offer a dedicated button to activate a virtual personal assistant named Bixby. A fingerprint sensor will be moved to the back next to the rear camera, and in the U.S., the handset is expected to run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor.

Pricing is one of the few details we haven't yet heard much about, but some reports peg it as high as $1,000.

It's unclear how MobileFun obtained the leaked video, and there's always a chance that the device shown is a prototype and not the real thing. But MobileFun has been a source of reliable Galaxy S8 leaks for quite some time. In January, the site leaked cases that would work with the device. In fact, the company is already selling cases that it says will be compatible with Samsung's upcoming device.

Expect all Galaxy S8 questions to be answered on March 29.