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Galaxy S8 Could Be This Stunning

The Galaxy S7 Edge was easily one of the sexiest phones of the year, so how do you top that? You look to strip away even more of the bezel around the front of the phone so you have almost all screen.

The Galaxy S8 likely won't be unveiled until April, based on the latest reports, but new renders give us a hint at what Samsung may have up its sleeve for its next flagship.

Credit: @Kingwaylee, Weibo

(Image credit: @Kingwaylee, Weibo)

Posted to Gizmo China and found by BGR, the render from Weibo user @Kingwaylee shows a Samsung-branded device that has dual curved edges, but the screen extends almost to the very top and bottom of the handsets. There seems to be a very small capacitive key beneath the display that would serve as a home button, but this would go against other S8 rumors we've heard.

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The prevailing Galaxy S8 rumors suggest the phone's fingerprint sensor will be placed behind the screen. It's also possible that Samsung could place that button on the back of the S8, just as other phones like the the LG V20 and Google Pixel XL do.

Credit: @Kingwaylee, Weibo

(Image credit: @Kingwaylee, Weibo)

The back of the phone on this render looks matte and rather plain. Plus, it shows just a single camera when the Galaxy S8 is rumored to sport a dual-lens camera.

Samsung is reportedly going all curved with the Galaxy S8 instead of one curved model and one flat as it did with the S7. The expected sizes are 5.1 inches and 5.5 inches, and the latter phone may offer 4K resolution.

The Galaxy S8 certainly won't be the only all-screen phone in the front for 2017. The Xiaomi Mi Mix, which has even less bezel to it than this render, is already available in China. And the iPhone 8 is expected to feature a curved AMOLED screen that could be made of plastic. That phone could integrate the fingerprint reader into the panel.