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One Last Rumor: Here Are All the Galaxy S8 Colors

Samsung's Galaxy S8 unveiling is just hours away today (March 29), but the leaks keep coming.

Credit: Evan Blass (@EVLeaks)

(Image credit: Evan Blass (@EVLeaks))

This time around, we're talking colors. Late Tuesday, serial leaker Evan Blass late osaid that the U.S. will get three color variants in the Galaxy S8: black, silver and purple. Other countries will get alternative colors, including blue and green, according to recent reports.

Blass published an image to his Twitter account on Tuesday that shows the rear-facing camera and a fingerprint sensor to the side. The image doesn't show the entire rear of the Galaxy S8, but the sections in the photo still appear to be the real thing. Several recent image leaks of late have shown a device, believed to be the Galaxy S8, that come with a camera and fingerprint sensor design like those in the latest image.

Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S8 at a press event today in New York City. The device is expected to come with a modified design that eliminates the physical home button and instead offers thin bezels at the top and bottom. The fingerprint sensor has reportedly been moved to the back of the device, and Samsung has added a new virtual personal assistant called Bixby that's activated by a physical button to the right.

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For its part, Samsung has revealed little about its plans, but the device has been the subject of countless leaks over the last several months. Those leaks have taken much of the speculation about the Galaxy S8 out of the equation, and make today's event rather unlikely to prompt big surprises.

Earlier on Wednesday, another leak surfaced, saying Samsung might be planning to deliver dual Bluetooth support in the Galaxy S8, allowing you to connect to two Bluetooth speakers or wireless headsets simultaneously and control their volume controls independently.

Whether the U.S. will get other Galaxy S8 colors as time goes on remains to be seen. Samsung has in the past offered more colors months after its handset's release. It's possible the company might expand the number of available colors in the U.S. at some point in the future.

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