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Galaxy Note 9's Stylus Is Getting This Huge Upgrade

Samsung is inching closer to launching a new Galaxy Note 9. And now we have some insight into what exactly the device's S Pen might come with.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has publishing a filing that suggests Samsung is readying the Galaxy Note 9 with an S Pen that comes with Bluetooth functionality built-in. The FCC document points to the possibility of remote control features, but doesn't explicitly say how the Bluetooth will be used in Samsung's upcoming smartphone.

Rumors have been swirling for weeks that say Samsung is planning a major update to the S Pen for this year's Galaxy Note 9 launch. Those rumors have said that the S Pen would come with Bluetooth connectivity and might even have a speaker that could facilitate calls without ever holding your Galaxy Note 9. The device might also be used to control music playback and other remote controls, according to reports.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 isn't expected to be a major upgrade when it's unveiled next month. Instead, the company will likely keep the same design and only slightly thin the bezels that surround the screen. Samsung is also expected to up its Galaxy Note 9's power with some help from the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845.

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The big phone update, according to reports, will be coming next year when Samsung unveils the Galaxy S10 in January. A foldable Galaxy X could also make its debut in February.

Therefore, the S Pen could be a major differentiating factor for the Galaxy Note 9. And if it can indeed deliver new features that you can't find elsewhere, it could go a long way in helping Samsung sell more devices after a somewhat disappointing Galaxy S9 showing this year.

But arguably a bigger question is whether Samsung might up the price on its Galaxy Note 9 because it comes with a far more capable S Pen. By the sound of it, the S Pen will be more expensive to produce and depending on the features that come baked in it, there's a possibility it could push the bundle's whole price up.

We'll find out for sure what Samsung has planned and what its S Pen might offer next month when the company hosts its unveiling on Aug. 9. Samsung is expected to release the Galaxy Note 9 in late-August.

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