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Galaxy Note 9 Price and Release Date Just Leaked

If rising smartphone costs have you nervously eying your wallet, the latest rumor about Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note 9 offers some measure of relief.

Galaxy Note 8 (Credit: Tom's Guide)

(Image credit: Galaxy Note 8 (Credit: Tom's Guide))

Like the Note 8 before it, the Note 9 is likely to be among the higher-priced smartphones available when it launches next month. But it looks like the new phone could cost about the same as its predecessor.

That's the word out of Poland, anyhow, where a local blog has given us one of the first indications of how much the Note 9 will cost. Citing a source that's seen the phone, Spider's Web reports that the Note 9 will cost 4,299 Polish zloty.

That translates to about $1,168 in US dollars, but straight currency conversions can paint a misleading picture, as phone makers typically adjust pricing on a region-by-region basis.

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A more telling comparison is to see how this rumored price stacks up against what the Note 8 sold for in Poland. A quick check of the web finds that prices range between 3,999 and 4,299 zloty. In other words, this new phone is likely to debut at the same price as last year's model.

Should that rumor prove accurate, that means the Note 9 would cost between $930 and $960. That's where the Note 8 debuted at when it hit retail shelves last year, with prices varying from carrier carrier.

The report from Spider's Web contains another detail about the Note 9: when it will actually be available. While Samsung has already announced a press event on August 9 where it's expected to release the new phone, the report says the Note 9 will reach customers on August 24. That would be two weeks after the launch event, which is in line with past smartphone rollouts by Samsung.

The Note 9 isn't expected to be a gig change from the Note 8. You can expect an upgraded processor (the Snapdragon 845 is likely to replace the Snapdragon 835), a slightly larger screen (at 6.4 inches) and camera improvements that match what Samsung offers with the already available Galaxy S9. The biggest changes look like they're going to be to the phone's S Pen, with the stylus adding Bluetooth connectivity, and an upgraded version of the Bixby personal assistant.

Given those planned changes, then, it's reasonable to expect Samsung to hold the line on pricing for the Galaxy Note 9.

Credit: Ice Universe/@UniverseIce

(Image credit: Ice Universe/@UniverseIce)

Another leaked image from over the weekend reminds us of just how much the Note 9 will look like the Note 8. Serial leaker Ice Universe tweeted out an image of Note 9 screen protectors, and like a number of recent leaked renders, they reveal a phone that copies the Note 8's Infinity Display.

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