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Galaxy Note 9 Price, Bixby Interface Leaked

Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 is still a few weeks away, but we might already know how much it costs.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

A pre-order poster from Indonesia, which first appeared on Slashleaks, lists the prices and available color variants of Samsung's upcoming phone. It lists a 512GB and 128GB version, for around $1,210 and $935 respectively. These prices will probably vary by country, but be in similar ranges.  

The poster also shows blue and pink variants, and notes that black is an option as well. The pink phone appears to come with a pink S Pen, the blue phone a yellow S pen.

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According to the poster, Indonesian customers have the option to receive a free 32-inch or 40-inch Samsung smart TV with their purchase.

Reliable Samsung leaker Ice Universe also has new information. The mysterious Twitter user has announced that the Note 9 will bring "new icons and some new interactions." They also claim a "Bixby 2.0 based AI UX" is on its way. 

It's not clear what exactly this means. It could refer to a re-design of the interface where users interact with Bixby itself, similar to the Google Assistant window. Since the first Bixby left much to be desired, even an incremental user-interface upgrade could certainly be an improvement. 

It could also mean that Bixby will be more tightly woven into the phone's general user interface. Bixby, for example, could begin learning your routines and preferred actions based on your behavior, similar to the way Google Assistant does in devices like the Nest Learning Thermostat. Bixby could then customize your interface to make those actions and routines easier.   

These rumors, while reliable, aren't certain yet. For the definitive announcement, look out for our coverage of the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 release event on August 9.

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