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Samsung Teases Tantalizing Clue on Galaxy Note 8's Camera

The rear camera on the Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be a major focus for that phone when it arrives later this year. And Smasung just took the wraps off what you can probably expect to see from the camera on its future phone.

Galaxy Note 8 render (Credit: @OnLeaks/@91Mobiles

(Image credit: Galaxy Note 8 render (Credit: @OnLeaks/@91Mobiles)

At Mobile World Congress Shanghai today (June 29), Samsung revealed four new camera sensor technologies. One, called Bright, will deliver higher-quality pictures in low-light conditions, while another, called Fast, is designed to capture motion more accurately than existing cameras. Samsung also showcased a sensor called Slim for exceedingly thin devices.

However, it's the company's fourth sensor — ISOCELL Dual — that has everyone talking.

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According to Forbes, which earlier reported on the announcement, the Dual sensor will allow companies to bundle dual-lens camera technology in their phones. Better yet, Samsung said that the sensors can be "mixed and matched in various combinations on consumer devices to bring about features demanded in the latest dual camera trend."

While Samsung didn't say how its sensors might be used, the timing is important.

Samsung is expected to feature dual-camera array in its upcoming Galaxy Note 8, a device the company could announce as soon as August (although other rumors have the phone arriving in September). It'll be the first phone from Samsung to offer a dual rear cameras. Samsung's announcement of its new Dual technology seemingly confirms the rumored feature will find its way to the upcoming Galaxy Note 8.

But as Forbes notes, Samsung's upcoming handset could offer more than just a standard dual-camera array. By utilizing a "mix-and-match" system, it's possible the company could offer variations of the Galaxy Note 8 that come with different camera sensors based on what you want.

So, for instance, one configuration could offer wide-angle and telephoto lenses. Another might offer one color camera lens and one monochrome lens. In fact, at Mobile World Congress Shanghai, Samsung showcased a dual-camera array that captures both in color and in monochrome.

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