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Fossil's Watch Keeps Tabs on Your Smartphone

Fossil is a watch company known for designing timepieces that cross the boundary between stylish and functional. They're developing a watch that straddles that line for all its worth: it's a watch that serves feeds from your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Unimaginatively named the Fossil Bluetooth Watch, it does exactly what its name says: it connects to your smartphone, be it the Apple, Google, or Microsoft variety, and provides you with a quick view of call logs, incoming emails, calendar events, Facebook updates, and much more without having to dig around in your pockets for your hideously expensive mobile Internets device.

Just remember, you're trading in the convenience of your smartphone's relatively viewable touchscreen display for screen resolution that fits on your wrist. If that's what you really want, then stay tuned for more updates next year from Fossil. The rest of us will have to make do with actually looking at our smartphones.

[source: Scobleizer via Technabob and Geek Alerts]