The Best Father's Day Tech Gifts

Dads are so important to so many of us. They raise us, keep us safe, and, more often than not, are responsible for introducing us to a lot of the tech we grew up with. So why not return the favor to a dad who could use some new gadgets of his own?

Maybe he'd like a fancy new flat-screen TV and gaming PC for evening relaxation, or a high-tech coffee maker to ensure he steps off on the right foot each morning.

Whatever the need, we've got gadgets on this list for every kind of dad, be it the kind who grills (burgers), chills (beers) or racks up kills (in Battlefield). Get your dad the gift of 2018 technology, and be a Father's Day superstar.

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PDP Universal Media Remote for PS4

The PDP Universal Media Remote is the epitome of affordable convenience. Featuring a low price and high utility value, this remote can handle both TVs and PS4s without a hitch and give your dad total control over his devices, saving him from ever having to leave the couch — perfect for a Sunday full of football and video games.

Galaxy S9 X-Doria Defense Case

Stylish and durable, the Galaxy S9 X-Doria Defense Case is the best phone case for any dad with a terminal case of butterfingers. Capable of surviving 10-foot drops onto concrete, this is a case built for the worst phone drops possible; i.e. the kind your dad is bound to make at some point. Spare your pops a broken phone and a big headache with this strong and affordable case.

Doss Soundbox 2 Speaker

The Doss Soundbox 2 Speaker is perfect for any environment a dad might be found relaxing in: his man cave, the garage, a bar; you name it. Wherever he is, though, what's the one thing he's going to want? Some good music. And how's he going to want it? As loud as possible. Thankfully, the Doss Soundbox 2 Speaker is equipped with enhanced bass and dual high-performance drivers, which translate to a richer, more detailed sound than much of what you'd find in this price range. And did we mention it's wireless? As far as good Father's Day gift ideas go, this Bluetooth speaker is a given.

Roku Streaming Stick+

If your dad is tired of paying for a cable or satellite subscription, try getting him a Roku Streaming Stick+. This device provides access to the biggest channels, both free and paid, all while supporting 4K HDR. If you want gorgeously streamed, cable-less access to free channels like NBC News, ABC and PBS, the Streaming Stick+ has you covered. If you want to use paid services, like Netflix and Amazon Video, this device can do that, too. It even provides access to apps like YouTube, and sports a remote that responds to voice commands. For the pragmatic, convenience-inclined dad who likes to crash on the couch and unwind to some TV, the Roku Streaming Stick+ is the perfect gift.

Turtle Beach XO Three headset

Shopping for a dad who likes his gaming audio crisp, clear and rich? If so, the Turtle Beach XO Three headset is the way to go. Featuring a high-quality microphone and a killer set of cans, this is a headset that'll keep dad happy whether he's gaming, listening to music, chatting with friends or doing anything in between.

Amazon Echo

For busy dads, Amazon Echo can make all the difference in keeping a hectic day under control. Amazon Echo allows users to make and receive calls hands-free, check weather and traffic, hear sports scores and manage shopping lists. Beyond that, Echo can also play music, order pizza and do a multitude of other tasks. For a dad who could use a bit more free time, Amazon Echo is a great gift idea.

iGrill2 Complete Master Kit

If your dad likes to host barbecues, the iGrill2 Complete Master Kit is a no-brainer of a gift idea. With three different meat probes that relay the temperature of what's cooking, each with a 150-foot Bluetooth range and 200-hour battery life, this kit will keep dad socializing and having fun at cookouts, rather than stuck behind a grill — all while ensuring he cooks the best food.

Fizzics Portable Beer System

The Fizzics Portable Beer System is every father's one-stop shop for on-command draft beer taste and fresh-from-the-tap foamy perfection. Turning even a regular can of beer into craft-style magnificence, this device requires no external power source, meaning you can take the party anywhere. Simply insert 4 AA batteries into this bad boy, and watch it make alcoholic magic. It's perfect for tailgate parties, the beach, camping trips, or just about anywhere else a dad might be found.

Oculus Go

The Oculus Go is the first completely wireless VR headset to hit the market, and already has a sizable library of apps and games. It's a heck of a lot more affordable than an Oculus Rift or an HTC Vive, and doesn't require a fancy PC to function. So why not get one for your tech-obsessed dad? It's the perfect high-tech toy for grown boys.

Vizio SB3821 Soundbar

If your dad likes to turn up the volume and enjoy premier audio quality at the same time, the Vizio SB3821 Soundbar is an easy gift choice. It can play music from phones via Bluetooth, or connect to TVs and amp up the beats on dad's Sunday-night sports binges. Capable of delivering up to 100 decibels of crisp, souped-up sound, this is the soundbar that's sure to put a smile on any father who wants everything a bit louder and clearer.

Smarter Wi-Fi Coffee Pot

If your old man wants a fresh java to fill his coveted World's Best Dad coffee mug, there's no smarter option than the Smarter Wi-Fi Coffeemaker. With this coffee maker, dad can use the Smarter app on his phone to have his coffee brewed according to his preference in grind coarseness, strength and number of cups. Plus, the Smarter Wi-Fi Coffeemaker even lets dad schedule coffee to be made for him right when he wakes up in the morning!

Apple Watch Series 3

Got a dad who's looking for an excuse to start exercising again? Try the Apple Watch Series 3, which keeps him connected to his calls and texts at the gym, tracks his heart rate, and even acts as a pedometer. For tech-savvy, fitness-minded fathers, the Apple Watch Series 3 makes a great gift.

Bose QuietComfort 35

If you've got a dad who wants some soundproof time to himself, the Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones are the way to go. These cans let the user adjust the level of noise cancellation and simultaneously optimize EQ based on volume, ensuring you get the best sound possible. It certainly doesn't hurt that they look and feel great. The QuietComfort 35 is the perfect set of headphones for a dad who wants to block out the world and jam to his favorite beats.

Xbox One X

There's no way to help a dad unwind like handing him a cold one and a copy of Forza 7. That's why we recommend the Xbox One X, the perfect gift for the cool fathers out there who want to relax and enjoy the latest and greatest video games and movies in glorious 4K resolution. The Xbox One X is currently the most powerful video game console on the market, so if the dad you're shopping for likes to be on the bleeding edge of technology, the One X is definitely the way to go.

Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop

Maybe you've got a pragmatic, forward-thinking dad who doesn't want to pay annually to play multiplayer games on a console. Maybe said dad has heard about the wonders of Steam, where games are cheaper than donuts and the sky is the standard, rather than the limit. Whatever his reason for wanting to join the PC crowd, know that the Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop is a great, affordable gaming PC to get him acquainted with the nuances of the platform. It's VR-ready, with solid specs across the board, and perfectly built to get dad inducted into the PC master race.

Apple iPhone X

Though it's an expensive investment, the iPhone X is a worthwhile one if you have a dad who's a fan of Apple. It's got everything he could want: dual 12-megapixel cameras for professional-grade photography, AR support for games and apps, and one of the sharpest displays in smartphone history. If you're looking to get your dad the crown jewel of the mobile hardware market, you might want to give the iPhone X a look.

TCL 65 6 Series 65-inch Roku TV

Nothing says Father's Day like a big ole TV. And to make this gift idea sweeter, keep in mind that the TCL 65 6 Series 65-inch Roku TV isn't just any big ole TV — it's a 4K one. Pairing 4K resolution with Dolby Vision high dynamic range, the TCL 65 6 Series 65-inch Roku TV ensures that whatever dad wants to watch looks its absolute best, on the crispest and richest visual display a father could ask for.

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