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British Govt Loses More Than 1000 Laptops

London (England) - In a report to the House of Commons, British ministries and departments said they’ve lost more than a thousand laptops over the last decade. 200 of those were lost in the last year alone. The biggest offender was the Ministry of Defense which lost almost 50% of the total or 503 laptops.

In addition to laptops, the MoD lost 23 PCs since 1998. Other agencies like the Department of Health, Ministry of Justice and HM Revenue and Commons lost sizable numbers of computers. The numbers in the report could have been much higher as the totals didn’t include the Home or Foreign Offices.

The report comes on the heels of a high-profile case in January where the moD lost a laptop containing 600,000 names of people who were interested in joining the armed forces. The folks at the US Veterans Administration are probably wiping their foreheads now and saying, "Thank god! It’s not just us!"