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Cord-Cutter's Delight: Save $60 on Amazon Fire TV Recast

What's smaller than a breadbox, can potentially free you from the bills and hassle of cable/satellite TV and currently on sale, starting at $179.99? If you guessed the Amazon Fire TV Recast, then you'd be correct. If not, you're still pretty cool in my book. Amazon is offering two deals on its little cord-cutting device, including a $50 discount on the 500GB Recast, which brings the price down to $179.99 and a $60 markdown for the 1TB iteration for a $219 price tag.

But what does the Recast do exactly? Well, the little black box connects to an HDTV antenna and can then stream content to any Fire TV-enabled gadgets like a TV, smartphone or even an Echo Show. Tom's Guide senior editor Mike Prospero, lauded the Recast for its cool setup process that helps you place it in the optimal position to operate with the antenna. It also checks out your Wi-Fi network and determines the best way to stream to other devices.

Amazon Fire TV Recast (500GB)View Deal

Amazon Fire TV Recast (1TB)View Deal

Once everything's set up, you can stream remotely from certain devices. But the Recast's best feature is that it allows you to record broadcast video, just like you can with certain traditional cable packages. It's a handy little gadget that's truly a "cord cutter's delight."