Rumor: WinMo 7 'Zune Phones' From HTC and LG

Not too long ago, when everyone was getting all worked up about the Zune HD, there were some rumors that the device might actually be a Zune phone as opposed to just a PMP-only Zune HD. With the leaked images and specs doing the rounds at the time, we were really keen on the whole phone idea.

However the Zune phone was not meant to be and although we were disappointed about this, when the Zune HD came out, we conceded that yeah, it was a pretty nice device. But, now that Windows Mobile 7 is on the horizon and the tech industry is dusting off those Zune phone rumors once again.

WMExperts reports that Microsoft will have two "flavors" of Windows Mobile 7, a business version and a media version. The latter is said to focus heavily on HD media playback and capture, along with apps for Xbox Live, Facebook and Twitter.

With talk that LG and HTC already have Windows Mobile 7 (Media) devices in the pipeline, the purported specs for these devices are exciting if a little unrealistic. WMExperts reports a 3.8-inch AMOLED 1280 x 720 WXGA display on the LG Apollo, along with a 10 megapixel camera with HD 720p video at 30fps. The HTC Obsession packs a 3.7-inch capacitive AMOLED with a more believable 5.0 Megapixel and HD 720p video at 25fps. Both are to be released in the second half of this year.

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Jane McEntegart works in marketing communications at Intel and was previously Manager of Content Marketing at ASUS North America. Before that, she worked for more than seven years at Tom's Guide and Tom's Hardware, holding such roles as Contributing Editor and Senior News Editor and writing about everything from smartphones to tablets and games consoles.

  • ern88
    Looks pretty good. Personally, I have been using WinMo 6.5 on my HTC Touch. And find it pretty good. Still lags behind apples i Phone though, Which has been out for a while. If the new WinMo 7 has an interface close to apples. I'll be in.
  • mlopinto2k1
    I'm glad I returned my Zune HD. I liked the device but just wasn't doin it for me. I need a media phone. Like the iPhone.
  • mlopinto2k1
    I like the new icons at the top of the articles too!
  • welshmousepk
    'a 3.8-inch AMOLED 1280 x 720 WXGA display on the LG Apollo'

    so this will cost how many thousands of dollars?

    i don't believe thats even possible for a consumer device. though ill be happily surprised if it turns out to be true.
  • idisarmu
    I think these "specs" seem just slightly stupid. They probably originated from a forum poster who doubled or quadrupled the specs of an existing device and wished for a new device to have those specs.

    More than once have I seen optimistic posters say something about an HD #870 with (some multiple of 1600, 800, 3200, etc) SPUs.

    Besides, I have never heard of a 10mp camera.... and I see no reason for one to be developed. We already have a fairly mainstream 8mp camera (well, mainstream among the newer sony ericsson phones) and the high-end 12mp cameras on the Satio and some other phones that I do not care about. More than likely, the "lower" end device will be released with a 854x480 screen and the high end device will get a 1024x600/576/480 screen (I hope 576 for some true widescreen goodness)
  • Great to see these newfangled new phones, which will replace the old Windows Mobile phones.

    But the stores are still full of the old Windows Phones, running OS 6.5. Now we know about the new OS to come out soon, these current Windows Mobile phones will be obsolete.

    Makes me more likely to buy an Android phone, and not have all that uncertainty that surrounds Windows Mobile.
  • tenor77
    I'm doubting the whole Zunephone aspect. Look at Google and the Nexus One. Trying to sell an operating system then backing your own phones doesn't sit right with manufacturers left out. This would only hurt WinMo not help it.
  • dimar
    Don't care about HD video. I only care about HD audio. Listen closely MS! Give us multiple micro card readers. Give us highq DACs and make sure it plays all of the losless crazy formats (flac 24bit 192khz). If it does, I'm in.
  • captaincharisma
    man i wish the phone companies allowed you to upgrade the OS on current phones
  • socalboomer
    captaincharismaman i wish the phone companies allowed you to upgrade the OS on current phonesBlackberries do. . . :D