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Get Your Own TRON Lightcycle for $50,000

Almost anything is possible if you have enough money to throw at the problem. Case-in-point: Even the Batmobile has a price. You just need to be able to cough up the cash. That takes care of the Batman fans with car envy, but TRON fans have their own super-vehicle to save for. Engadget reports that at this year's Milan International Motorcycle Show Evolve Motorcycles caught the crowd's attention with its $50,000 TRON lightcycle replica.

Dubbed the Xenon, this is a real, purchasable motorcycle (not a concept, or a piece of furniture) that sports 32-inch hubless rims, and OLED light-tape. The company says it's got a top speed of 100mph with a 100-mile-range on its custom lithium-ion battery system.

Who wants one? More importantly, who wants to buy me one for Christmas?