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StearClear App Brings You a Designated Driver

We all know that drinking and driving has been a problem for quite some time now, but thanks to the popularization of smartphones and tablets, we may finally be one small step closer to safer streets. Despite the dangers of driving under the influence, many drivers still refuse to use their better judgement to find a ride elsewhere.

One of the problems has to do with the fact that most people don't want to leave their car behind, or can't. Now, there are a handful of programs popping up across the states offering driver teams to take drunk people and their cars home, but the StearClear app brings the convenient service straight to your smartphone or tablet.

For a flat-rate pickup fee of $20 and an additional $2/mile, StearClear driver teams will come to the rescue. The two-manned teams consist of one driver who will drive you and your vehicle home and another driver who follows behind. To make things easier, customers will be able to save their credit card and address information into the app. They will also be able to pay with cash or credit card (via Square) when picked up.

Launched earlier this year, StearClear recently announced its latest funding numbers, now totaling $1.1 million. Unlike other peer-based ride sharing services, StearClear is offering a franchise model that allows small businesses owners and entrepreneurs to run their own StearClear service. Although the service was only available this year in a few parts of New Jersey as part of a beta, StearClear expects somewhere between 30-50 new franchises across the states opened by April 2013.