50% of BlackBerry Users Want Apple or Android

Despite the fact that it was considered the smartphone for many business men and women for a long time, it seems BlackBerry users are being tempted away from the brand by other devices. In fact, so attractive are BlackBerry alternatives that more than half of BlackBerry users are considering switching to devices running rival OSes.

According to Nielsen, RIM currently accounts for 35 percent of the U.S. smartphone market, however a report by the research firm published yesterday reveals that 57 percent of BlackBerry users want to switch to another smartphone OS. 50 percent of RIM customers want to switch to either iPhone or Android, while a further 7 percent listed an OS other than iPhone or Android as their next choice.

The Nielsen study showed that brand loyalty was strongest among iPhone users, with 89 percent of them saying they'd choose an iPhone as their next cell phone. Of the 11 percent of switchers, the majority (6 percent) wanted to go Android, while 2 and 3 percent of users listed BlackBerry or 'other' respectively.

Though brand loyalty is extremely high among iPhone users, those with Android devices are pretty happy too: 71 percent of Android users are happy enough with the OS to stick with it through their next smartphone purchase. Of the 29 percent that do plan to switch, 21 percent plan on buying an iPhone. Three percent of the switchers are doing so for a BlackBerry, while 5 percent plan to get a phone that is neither an iPhone, Android device or BlackBerry.

How do you feel about the phone you have right now? Would you stick with the OS you're currently using, or do you want to switch? Let us know in the comments below!