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Deluge of Leaks Reveals the Nexus Two/Nexus S

We've been dying for news on the Nexus Two. One week it's being made by Motorola, and the next, it's being made my Samsung and unveiled at an Android event in New York City. Well, one thing we know for sure is Samsung definitely didn't announce it at its Android event last week. No, the electronics company kept that event exclusive to the Galaxy S Contiuum.

Though we were disappointed that there was no sign of the highly anticipated Nexus Two, we're not ready to write off reports of a Samsung-brand Nexus Two just yet. Or should we say Nexus S?

Touting a 'pure Google' experience, an advertisement for T-Mobile's Nexus S cropped up on Best Buy Mobile's website earlier today. Though it's since been removed, the wonder of Google cache means we can still see what was never intended for our eyes.

So we know that it will be available on T-Mobile, through Best Buy, and that it will be coming 'this holiday season.' Phandroid reports that the pre-order link was broken, and it doesn’t look like anyone managed to catch a glimpse of what's supposed to be in place of that bad image icon.

Now if all of this wasn't enough to convince you that the Nexus Two/Nexus S/Nexus Whatever-we're-calling-it-these days actually exists, then perhaps a second slip from Best Buy Mobile will be enough to convince you skeptics? Engadget points to what looks like a previously unseen Galaxy S boasting a front-facing camera. The device was spotted on a banner ad on Best Buy Mobile. We don't need to remind you that support for video calling is supposedly included in Gingerbread, but, you know, it is. 

Dare we get our hopes up, again?

Source: Phandroid, Engadget

[Update] Ooh, the Nexus S news is coming hard and fast today. Engadget's snagged what's purportedly a month-old picture of the Nexus S. As you can see, the phone does boast a front-facing camera and looks identical to the phone in from the Best Buy Mobile ad.