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Microsoft May Show Body Scan Kinect At E3

Kinect could be taking body recognition further in the future and transition to a body scan technology. Instead of simply detecting a present body, a body could be scanned to resemble the real life image of a player within a video game.

While we are waiting for Nintendo's new Wii controller that is scheduled to get its first public showing at the upcoming E3, it is clear that Microsoft is aggressively pursuing a user model without controllers. A much more detailed avatar could bring much greater control to Kinect games, while we also suspect that the integrated cameras will get resolution upgrades as well as a much more powerful processor.

There was no information when this technology could become available, but if we assume that the patent was filed in January of this year and if we consider the fact that Microsoft provides a very detailed description of its body scan technology, we would speculate that Microsoft will surprise us at E3 as well. Even if Nintendo will show a new Wii, Microsoft could still be grabbing headlines with a much more advanced Kinect.

  • icepick314
    next stop...

    TSA Simulator X from Microsoft!
  • ArgleBargle
    Great, a full body image scan with even MORE lag...
  • RobinPanties
    Microsoft wants to scan my body, w00t
    4real dough, bring on Microsoftity Report
  • pirateboy
    would it scan boobs?
  • COLGeek
    Just imagine who/what you might be seeing now in on-line games if this gets out of control! Scary on so many different levels.......
  • macewrox
    Step 1. Find actor of prefrence.
    Step 2. Dress up as said actor.
    Step 3. Print out face of actor, cut it out and tape to head.
    Step 4. Pack crotch area of pants full of tissue paper.
    Step 5. Scan self.
    Step 6. ???
    Step 7. Profit.
  • reggieray
    MS OSs are co-authored with the NSA so it will body scan you with full facial recognition then upload it to Fraulein Janet Napolitano, "Sieg Heil", her gestapo goons, aka TSA agents will soon be at your local Mall.
  • zak_mckraken
    I tried the Kinect recently for the first time and I have to admit I was really impressed at the precision and fluidity. I was skeptical at first, thinking it would be as gimmicky the Wii is, but with no remote, which was even worse. It turns out to be a genuinely good product, despite the hardware "specs" being very low (sensors, cpu). I dare say a more powerful version could be mind-blowing.

    Regardless, it's still a niche product that won't attract to hardcore gamers.
  • quickmana
    Get the scientists working on the clothes removal hack immediately!
  • lamorpa
    zak_mckraken.Regardless, it's still a niche product that won't attract to hardcore gamers.Regardless, it's still a niche product that won't attract to hardcore couch potatoes.